Vista Ridge Professional Building at Steiner Ranch
Austin, Texas - Quinlan Park Rd. in Steiner Ranch

A 23,000 square foot, 2 story commercial/office building with associated parking and site features. The design and layout of the structure is totally dictated by its response to the natural qualities of the site. In an attempt to work with the natural topography, existing trees, existing structures and distant views, the building's shape and form are derived. The plan provides for flexible and mixed uses with an internal corridor layout and multiple external access points. Two major tenants - a day care function and a health club operation require sensitive treatment for sound isolation and careful control of pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the building. Set in a Texas "Hill Country" setting with distant views, the design of the structure's exterior is a collection of regional materials: sandstone and stucco veneer, standing seam metal roof and exposed wood trusses.

Completed - 2006
Cost - $2,500,000
Owner - Rodney Speaks
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