Circle C Golf Club (Gray Rock Golf Club) Austin, TX - Loop 45 in Circle C

A 5500 square foot, 2 story, golf club with retail operation, kitchen/grille, dining area, dressing rooms and restrooms, administrative offices, large meeting room and outdoor dining area. This stand alone building is the focal point for all golf operations. The architecture harkens back to a timeless ranch-like Texas structure that might have experienced several additions over the years. The materials are regional in nature: standing seam metal roof, leuders limestone with a smeared mortar look, rough troweled stucco and cedar log columns and trellises. The club is nestled in the midst of a large collection of live oaks and looks out upon a small lake that lines the 18th hole fairway. In its setting, the Golf Club captures a classic Texas Hill Country presence.

Completed - 1994
Cost - $750,000
Owner - Chip Gist
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