Tiemann Ranch House
Milam County, Texas

This new custom residence is a part of large ranch/horse operation located in Milam County. The house was sited for visual recognition from the ranch entry and for visual control of house operation. Functionally, the 3500 square foot house acts as both a personal residence and the office headquarters for their horse operation. There is also in place a conversion plan to transform the office area to future bedrooms and guest accommodations. The overall image conveys a strong Texas style vernacular with a large pavilion like space that houses the family room, dining and kitchen functions. This pavilion like space overflows onto generous porches that make for great outdoor living areas. Flanking the large pavilion are the office operations on the carport/parking side and the Master Bedroom suite on the more private and scheduled side. The overall image harkens back to the original “Dog Run” imagery as utilized by early Texas settlers.

Completed - 2005
Cost - $850,000
Owner - Rob & Carrie Tiemann
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